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Our Offerings

Private Pilot Groundschool 

Have you always wanted to get your pilot licence?
It is easier than you think!

Ground School covers a range of subjects necessary in learning to fly. It is a requirement of the Private Pilot Licence and gives you the information and tools to be successful on the Transport Canada written exam.  More importantly, ground school gives you knowledge and confidence while equipping you with the skills you need every time you fly.

Check out our dedicated Flight Training website for more info!

Flight Training

Student Pilot Permit (minimum age 14 years old)

Recreational Pilot Permit

Private Pilot Licence

Night Rating

Commercial Pilot Licence

Instructor Rating

...and more!

Check out our dedicated Flight Training website for more info!


Take flight on a sightseeing tour to get a bird's eye view of our beautiful city and surrounding regions.

Check out our dedicated Flight Training website for more info on sightseeing flights!

Aircraft Service Technician

elibird aero been selected as a BC training center for the Foundational Training Program (FTP) Aircraft Service Technician (FAST) with Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace.

Participants will gain insight into various maintenance roles within the industry and develop foundational knowledge for a new or changing career path within aviation or aerospace.

Program Highlights: Earn a CCAA certificate, learn from industry professionals, employment opportunities, on the job training, wrap around supports.

Program Details: full time commitment, in person learning at Boundary Bay Airport.

Program Eligibility: A Canadian citizen, permanent resident or persons who have been granted refugee status in Canada.

Program Courses: 120 hours of learning.  

Check out the course catalogue!

Aircraft Service Technician Program 2024
Week 1 | Jan 29 – Feb 2
Week 2 | Feb 5 – Feb 9
Week 3 | Feb 12 - Feb 16
Week 4 | Feb 19 – Feb 23
Week 5 | Feb 26 – Mar 1
Week 6 | Mar 4 – Mar 8
Week 7 | Mar 11 – Mar 15
Week 8 | Mar 18 – Mar 22
Week 9 | Mar 25 – Mar 29
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